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Whats on Board? 10"x 14" Wood Board, Loaded with herb crusted smoky roast beef , Smoky Navel Pastrami, Smoked Boneless Ribs, Rib Eye, london broil, Beef Jerky, Dried Salami, Grapes(or another fruit that is available) with a side of, Smoky Maple Chili and Whole Dijon mayo.


Note: The pictures are for demonstration purposes, our products generally reflect as seen in the picture, products can be slightly modified based on product availability.

Thank you for understanding.


During checkout: If you dont know the Israeli zipcode, just put in any numbers. We will get your board to the right address.

Medium Board-10"x 14"

  • All shabbos and yom tov orders are generally prepared and delivered on erev shabbos/yomtov. If your order is time sensitive please reach out to us prior to placing your online order. 

    Thank you


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