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WHAT'S-ON-BOARD?9"x 12" Wood Board, Loaded with Pepper Crusted Pastrami, Smoky Navel Pastrami, Smoked boneless ribs, Rib Eye, London Broil, Beef Jerky, Dried Salami, Grapes ( Or another fruit that is in season), with a side of, Smoky Maple Chili and Whole Dijon mayo.Note: The pictures are for demonstration purposes only. Products can be slightly modified due to product unavailability. Thank you for understanding. During checkout: If you dont know the Israeli zipcode, just type in any numbers. We will get your board to the correct address.

Mishloach Manos 9"x12"

  • All orders (excluding Shabbos and Yomtov orders) go out for delivery at around 5pm if you would like your board for early afternoon please notify us in the "special requests" box during check out.


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